Sunday, December 02, 2012

our big gulp

If american in american serial, always seen drinking soda [which I have found nothing fun about it since a kid].
The europian drinking beers [especially germans]
sweet tea.

Everyway u turn, rich or medium, young or adult, holding this tea big glass.
Only 5K idr....okay u may say, 3K idr u can get 25 pcs bags of teh celup. But  is convenient already, I m so content with this product.

The tea producer who had this idea is truly genius :D
I usually go for teh gopek brand. Tong Tji is famous for its jasmine tea. Me n my cozin had bad experience with this brand, got stomachhache after having this cold jasmine tea, maybe too acid for my stomach or the tea was just not fresh. But it is not the brand, now just look for a crowded stall, there u can find the tea is always fresh :)

"One grande jasmine tea without ice please,,, n less sugar please."
"Do you want it warm or normal?"
"ah, warm please"
And i m enjoying to the last sip for the next hour :D What a content !

Saturday, August 18, 2012

another shot : fried rice

I haven't managed to make a yummy simple javanese fried rice. Which I believe I miss one ingridient: shrimp's head and or terasi. That one thing makes the street fried rice yumm....

So I tried another simple white fried rice this noon.
- 1 clove of garlic
- 2-3 cloves of scallion
- margarine
- salt n pepper
- salt sauce [ see...i mix it with hongkong fried rice]

And top it with quick melt cheese in the scrambled egg.

I also sprinkled dried herbs [sort of oregano]...
And...the result is not bad....
The fusion is not the result of creativity but more of by "I want a good taste, don't fail me"
[cheese barely fail me, last time I made aglio olio n just sprinkled on it, n taste good]

Picture? Sorry, too hungy to take pic.....

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Hainan chicken rice

It's kinda [simple] food that woman [hard]workers from Hainan used to cook. My fave dish ever, especially when I was in Singapore, and cheap, u can have it on 2 S$ only [average food price range on 3.5 S$ above] and still taste good.

It is so easy to prepare! I m not being smug but all the basic ingridients: ginger, garlic and chicken stock are just here!
But what I m gonna to say here is not HOW to make it, you can get DIY in youtube. It is about the all years gone not trying to make it after 1 incident. Let me start the story. So, one day I found a pack of instant spice at the shelf. I didn't know who bought it and didn't want to waste it either. So I tried to cook based on the ENGLISH instruction using rice cooker. It ended to a disaster. I couldn't find a name to what the rice came out. Sigh....
Ever since I was so afraid to cook even only using INSTANT paste recipe!
Years after, when I was craving I tried to make one, good thing now the instruction is in 2 language :D though now I don't have the difficulty to read english as I had back then.
And tada! So easy, just need to put some soy sauce =D now I m ready to try the from scratch recipe!
Thanks to youtube, my good instructor ever! :P

hainan chicken rice , 2010 at PTC, 15K idr

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mari menjahit : coffee date dress by Elaine Huang 2009

Saya pikir menjahit kali ini bisa mudah dan menyenangkan.
Terakhir saya ambil kursus menjahit sungguh memusingkan dan membosankan, masi tahap diajarin bikin patron, bukannya teknik jahit yang praktikal [padahal itu harapan saya, plg tidak saya bisa menjahit kancing sendiri lah dengan teknik yang benar].

Dimulai dari saya melihat gadis kecil itu memakai gaun dengan motif bunga2, segar dan cantik. Sayapun bercerita ke teman saya dan dia membantu mencari patron gratis di web. Ketemulah patron ini di .

Selain kain dan jarun dkk ternyata juga diperlukan karbon jahit. Singkatnya lihat aja deh di bawah, foto2nya.

1 set benang, lengkap dgn gunting, meteran, dkk. 3-4 sgd beli di watson , singapura
butuh jarum pentul supaya kain tidak lari2 waktu memindahkan patron
butuh karbon jahit dan rader skalian kapur jahit
nah...setelah merekatkan smua. bingung selanjute piye

nah ini biang kerok juga, slain masang zipper, ini bodice facing front / back, gmn masange....zzzzz
Kalo uda selesai PASTI aku pamerin di burdastyle!!! hahaha. haeh....

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Inspiring children book

I m so fond of this book. It is for grade 3.
The way the author tell the story , is fascinating. Each sentence is motivating and inspiring.

Sky High the true story of Maggie Gee


" I didn't tell stories anymore, but I still dreamed on flying"

Then now I m so into to Maggie Gee's real bio. She was the one of only two Chinese Americans in Women Airforce Service Pilot

Friday, January 06, 2012

Engagement in Peranakan Chinese Hakka

Speaking of engagement, for a peranakan chinese like me, it is like a wedding. As I can recall, though red is the norm of happy celebration, but the bride isn't supposed to wear the color yet. Coz it is an engagement, not a wedding yet!

Still the bride is the highlight :)

Basically the ceremony will be filled with exchange baskets of gifts from two sides. This exchange is symbolic, which i forgot what it is, that a javanese photograoher ever explained to me once i used to work in wedding photograpgy business..!!!!!
Each basket of gifts also symbolize something. Lol!

For Illustration Friday : highlight 

So each party will meet outside the house [or room if it's taken at hotel] and singles from groom's party will give the baskets of gift in a row, received by singles from bride's party. At the end of it the groom goes inside to meet the bride. And...well...while feasting time, the mingles and introduction take place.