Sunday, December 02, 2012

our big gulp

If american in american serial, always seen drinking soda [which I have found nothing fun about it since a kid].
The europian drinking beers [especially germans]
sweet tea.

Everyway u turn, rich or medium, young or adult, holding this tea big glass.
Only 5K idr....okay u may say, 3K idr u can get 25 pcs bags of teh celup. But  is convenient already, I m so content with this product.

The tea producer who had this idea is truly genius :D
I usually go for teh gopek brand. Tong Tji is famous for its jasmine tea. Me n my cozin had bad experience with this brand, got stomachhache after having this cold jasmine tea, maybe too acid for my stomach or the tea was just not fresh. But it is not the brand, now just look for a crowded stall, there u can find the tea is always fresh :)

"One grande jasmine tea without ice please,,, n less sugar please."
"Do you want it warm or normal?"
"ah, warm please"
And i m enjoying to the last sip for the next hour :D What a content !