Friday, January 06, 2012

Engagement in Peranakan Chinese Hakka

Speaking of engagement, for a peranakan chinese like me, it is like a wedding. As I can recall, though red is the norm of happy celebration, but the bride isn't supposed to wear the color yet. Coz it is an engagement, not a wedding yet!

Still the bride is the highlight :)

Basically the ceremony will be filled with exchange baskets of gifts from two sides. This exchange is symbolic, which i forgot what it is, that a javanese photograoher ever explained to me once i used to work in wedding photograpgy business..!!!!!
Each basket of gifts also symbolize something. Lol!

For Illustration Friday : highlight 

So each party will meet outside the house [or room if it's taken at hotel] and singles from groom's party will give the baskets of gift in a row, received by singles from bride's party. At the end of it the groom goes inside to meet the bride. And...well...while feasting time, the mingles and introduction take place.