Thursday, July 08, 2010

Cents & Sensibility

Another simple thing that I recognised to be different aftert being back here. I m the one who changed, not the things.

Coins! Many of time, whether in famous international standard supermarket or local ones, I always got candies for change! Years ago, I loathe this thing with saying like "Do u mind if I pay this thing with candies as well?" but I have never done that.
Yesterday I went to Hypermart, yes Hypermart at Supermall. Thought to buy some sanitary napkins, drinks and soyjoy fruit bar. I was pretty happy coz I found out those things in Hypermart, are cheaper than other places. For sanitary napkin I use, it was 25 Rupiah cheaper. Soyjoy , 400 rupiahs cheaper. Korean instant noodle 1000 rupiahs cheaper! I did rejoice. This also one thing I learn : price vary alot in places, let alone in cities. 200-400 rupiahs is quite alot for me! Sometimes 2000 rupiahs different , this one happen to Vaseline White's price! So, what I learn is not to be to lazy to check out the price. Gees...wasting times....

Back to Hypermart. I paid to the cashier, I shud have gotten 40.575 rupiahs. But the lady just gave me 40.500 rupiahs. I thougth that she wud hand me another candy again. But hey...nope..that's all... I wandered as I walked out. You bet, I thought, shud I ask her? But it is only 75 rupiah. The street singer or beggar even got 100 rupiahs at least. But that's bugging me alot!One million wouldnt be one million without 1 cent ! So after having my soyjoy and drink, messaging my friend, I headed again to Hypermart, I would walk through it anyway before to the car park.

I asked where the consumer complain, and the security guy pointed me the information center. No queue, of coz this is not ..... I explained to the lady that I didnt get my exchange. Funny that she thought it was 75 thousand rupiahs! After she checked my recipe, she took a 100 rupiah and gave it to me. I prolonged the chit chat as she did as well.
"Why I didnt get it?"
"Maybe they dont have it (100 coins)"
"How come? It is still in use in Indonesia rite? In Singapore (there I say it) I always got it even only for 1 cent."
"Yes, it is your right miss. It is still in use here, but we dont have it anymore from Bank Indonesia"
"Yes, they are trying to retreat all the coins. In the future the smallest note will be 1000 rupiahs"
"So, about the prices? If we buy 5.300 rupiahs, how much we need to pay it? 5.000 ?"
"Well..." --> I couldnt remember what she said, but definetly not answering my question.

And since, straight away, I dont think she was the rite person to be in dialog with, I cut out , didnt take the 100 coin, and said thank you and left.

Still thinking "What the hell..." with the idea of retreating all the coins.
If they want to neglect the coins, and then why make your price such in small small detail. This also happens in fastfood restaurants like McDonald, Kentucky, Pizza Hut, A & W and you name it .... Still .. "What the ..."

Kualitas barang merk ternama

after 1 year

Yeap! It's ESPRIT with usual price around 60+SGD

old and new (35.000 IDR only)

Pada bulan pertama, plat merk ternama -nya pudar, memerah, entah korosi atau bukan.
Minggu berikutnya, tak lama memang, plit pinggirannya mengelupas. Makin hari makin tak terselamatkan, terlebih di Indonesia, semut2 tega menggigit, makanan empuk pikiranya.