Thursday, November 09, 2006

till we meet again

kaget...kirain email sapa ko nyasar mulu ke inbox ku. ternyata dirunut ke bawah ulah si mantan bumil. Dia resign juga akire, a mom n enterpreneur wannabe. dasar, puanjaaaaaaaaaaaaang amat emaile. Miss her anyway, her talkative n all of hers. Not only her, all of the people i ve ever met in jkt last year. Uda ga terlalu kangen ma jkt, ini masi di indo gt loh n i hate crowds

31 tanggal revolusi , walah

9 nov, multiplus klampis
Life teaches me a new lesson. Begitu cepat mns bisa berubah. Jgnkan fisik, dlm hitungan detik ato menit aja keputusan bisa berubah.
He isnt fun again. The fun is over. He is a dictator.
Smua keluhannya sama....anak2 yg lama juga malah kalo dengar cerita mereka.
Ga tau keracunan apa. Stlh libur lebaran seminggu smua brubah. Kebijakan2, doh ujung2 e atmosfer kerja ngga enak.
No body really knows exactly why he is change. Jaga jarak salah satu kendala utama utk cari tau.
Silly, if he does that for getting our respect. Aneh...puol....
Tekanan uang? aduh malese, buyar sungguhan surga yg ada.

*i ll be alright*

by anggun cisasmi

*i ll be alright*
tell me is it worth the pain
when your pride plays a wrong game
blinded by suspicious mind
thought you could rule my heart n crossed the line
in everything you see
keep everything but me

though my broken heart
tear my dreams apart
i ll be alright
i ll be alright

just a broken heart
not a war to fight
i ll be alright
i ll be alright

keep the bad taste in your mouth
have your truth stay on your side
unleash all your demons free
cause they ve been hiding all that u refused to see
take everything but me


all fears aside, i ll be alright

through the years many tears i have wasted
i ve moved on, moving on
can't erase , can't replace what i ve tasted
life goes on and on

*in your mind*
i dont want to believe
and dont want to live
by excuses of your weakness

cause a woman should do
what she wants to do
there is no reason
for your shallow aggravation

nothing wrong with this dress i wear
nothing wrong with the smile i dare
nothing wrong with my long black hair
it is all in your mind, in your mind

nothing wrong with this legs you see
nothing wrong with this lean body
and nothing wrong with the woman in me
it is all in your mind, in your mind