Sunday, December 12, 2010

are u sure it is not just a beauty contest?

Years back I got it indoctrinated that a logo or any visual communication design is just not a beauty contest?

Now, I always beg to differ after walk through the reality for 6 years. The problems always lay easily when the theory put out of the context! Our lecturers got their benchmark from American textbooks! Ogilvy, Leo Burnett and other Top World Marketers are from USA! A local Indonesian Advertising book I've ever read is by Rhenald Khasali, he is an American educated either.....

Just hang on with me for a while.

case A : smart client
I wanted to have a new logo for my new business. Of course, I would have had all my philosophy, marketing, branding strategy, including my unique selling preposition. Or else how would I penetrate the market.
The agency did their homework based on my marketing information. Some times later he would get back to me and present all the 'cooked' ideas they have. I listened and chewed and digested. Some insights flied and catched.
Well, if I were the client my final decision would be based on my FEELING. Is it looking good? After it is truly able to represent all my personality inside it.
For instance see the starbuck logo, a woman? none of the visual relate or remind me with a good coffee. Pertamina new logo, just a "P" with 3 colors, well what?
Garuda Indonesia, a logo cost 1B at that moment, pretty prestigious to pay for a brand identity rite? It is cool, and fine, BUT I believe at the process there were aloot of many types of bird visual!

case B : ignorant (dumb) client 
 I had a leftover money. A huge one. So while looking for the next traveling destination, I put aside some idle money to set up a business. Simple one, selling something tangible for majority. So I have the product and the system but not the logo. I have  a name, my fave name, derived from my dog's name. I don't care whether it got nothing to do with the product.
The agency looked so serious thinking for my new logo, I wonder why. They presented them to me, which I was not sure I followed. I just think how would all this thing can make my product highly wanted in the market.
So, at the end, I picked the nicest color and form, the rest, the philosophy can follow.

Mostly there are this two kinds of clients.
So, again are you sure it is not just a beauty contest?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby Brauni!

Finally a new member in the Galaxi house !!!!
For the new successor of Ping2, we wanted a male , not so big dog.

One day when I was taking my german lesson in frau's house, instead of the office. This cute little brown dog sitting with poise just in front of the door. I pat its cheek and elus2 its head.
"Is it a boy or a girl?"
"You like dog? It is a boy"
"Wow! Perfect! Can I have it?"

And here are the 4-5 month old Brauni. We needed 1 day to decide what name to be given. Kampong name is easier for our maid to call. But "Brauni" is just perfect, less different from "Browni". Since it was got from my german teacher, I want the name from german word. Braun = brown. He is just adorable ^^

2 days in new bed in new house, comfy already, good dog
 Brauni loves playing ball though it is spoiled already (the neighbour's puppy did it , not ping2!)

 Ung...wanna play with me?
 harmless playing
 napping time with ala kadar toys
 first grin after waken up
5 month old Brauni

my fave pork sausage

After almost than a year, finally we can find it back in the market.

It was being banned because a case, my sis told me,of some ignorant people mixed it into halal food for their own comrade or they just forgot to picked out the halal logo from their company. But it was never this brand's fault, it's written "PORK" boldly and been in the country since 1980s.

As a result people like me n my family, had to suffer months not having it. We usually cook it for simple soup with carrot and beans!

My sista n mum had to go to one and another sausage brand to substitute it. It wasn't a pleasure to do so. Some brands tasted like rubber or plastic.

But the rest was a history now ^^ Not hoping it may happen again in the future, as well >:(

Monday, November 15, 2010

no corruption poster

I still love this poster made by myself years ago to join in the competition (ga penting!).
Still the voice of mine.

headline " Before things get worse"
bodycopy (more over) : Corruption has made a lot of people suffered and has made his country rotten. If we take a role to take an eye on corruption and report it, we have chosen the good part not only for us but also for the ones who committed it to do more sin and risk their life.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

2 days 1 nite short trip to Malang

Last month an aussie friend asked me to join her instead I asked her to visit me, haha!
Well I think it was my first adventurous trip in this 2010.

1st day
We took bus from Bungurasih, after she mistaken said tat we would take it from Gubeng, coz her last trip was started from there, but on the third thought she said it must be becoz they had a ticket. So I thought , yeah, maybe it was a some kind of shuttle bus or whateve. Good that the cab driver corrected us in a polite way. I, myself, being a pretty new to this kinda stuff too after 2-3 yrs.

She made a baked cauliflower with cheese sauce, which later I felt craving it again, for our snack. I got her Asterix comic in bahasa, it is a funny comic turned out! When i was a kid i just liked scanning through the images only!

Arriving in the Arjosari bus terminal, I bought 1 portion of bakso, yummy, cost 10k IDR. And after couple of phone call we knew what bemo we should take.

It was pretty far to the city at least to the place we were heading to. Both , us and the driver didn't know where the place, so we were dopped off and asking for direction. The lady in the small store was on the phone when we approached her, but then she then abruptly hang up and greeted us with big smile. o__o wow... very friendly, then she explained.

Finally we met the other dude, an American, we strolled to their dorm and we talked alot of things, he loved kerupuk, so cute. Then nearly evening he had to work, we asked direction to go to the flower market to his Indonesian folks, the only place could be reached before it closed. My friend saw a bakpao seller and bought it. Surprisingly though she spoke bahasa the seller replied in english, we both laughed! I asked how did he learn it. From his son, his son learned it at school. It wasn't a surprise that many people in Malang speak english, we both agree it may be of the universities and many foreign students or tourists come and go. Interesting, Singapore is not even close with this!

In the evening we strolled around hotel Tugu, too bad we didnt actually go in to look around :( We just had some nice sitting, drinking and chatting in Java Dancer Caffe (or coffee?)after asking the hotel rate just next to it. I decided to find a room for myself since I got a slight headache, needed some rest. I decided to take a room at this Jona's homestay. Not bad, 1 room for 1 pesron cost 60K IDR / night, with tv and fan, outside bathroom. On the way there I bought a nasi goreng, yumm, tasted good! Again while i was sitting, waiting for my nasi goreng, my Oz friend asking to the next warung about the direction in bahasa. She loved to do that n i enjoyed it, ahahha. The warung lady was so happy to talk with my friend, and she sent us to the street she meant! Wow.... at the end she shook her n my hands...ha..hahahah. I know that most of indonesian have an interest toward white people, but witnessing it myself felt kinda cute n my friend also a friendly one, she greeted almost those who had eye contact with! Phew...

2nd day
After a brunch, another NICE nasi goreng my friend had! We were heading to a chinese temple called Eng An Kiong (again if I m not mistaken). Again I let her to ask direction in bahasa, though I had to be aware some missing information she gained. Like we were supposed to walk again on the next junction , etc.

In the bemo, after we asked which direcion goin to the temple, we hopped in. A kid asked plainly in bahasa, "Are you a konghucu? Why goin to a temple?" Not to me of coz, to my Oz friend. Cute kid, both us agree, not many kid will dare to speak to stranger using bahasa especially knowing that this stranger is a foreigner! ^^
2 yrs ago my friend in Malang took me there to taste the famous pangsit mee. But since we both just had our brunch we went exploring inside. At first we were hesitate since it is a temple, maybe we were not allowed, but we were wrong. They open widely for tourist to explore, we were even asked to fill a guest book. Some tourists were there too.

After taking some pictures & enjoying the cool Malang wheather our next stop is Dinoyo! Kampung of ceramics. After walking to the market and looking around for the bemo gone there we finally had it. Again an old lady was curious toward my friend and made a conversation with her in bahasa. So cute!

By instinct I asked the driver and we didn't miss the ceramics kampung that far. We enjoyed stopped to buy some drink and ice cream and went into backpack bag store and a distro.

After looking around, the cloud was pretty dark so we decided to leave immediately not knowing where the next stop, so I just asked some bemo which would go to Alun-alun.
Finally we were dropped to Alun-alun. Malang still has a lot of beautiful colonial houses, especially around Ijen street, it is a place to have a lovely walk! But we forgot to do tat, got no time, hahaha!

After asking where to get a cab in a police station, we had some snack for early dinner. Btw the cab we took was a crap! Once we hoped into, the driver said "the minimum argo should be 25K IDR" For a small town like Malang tat was qiute alot, so beware to take a cab in Malang.
After some short 'farewell', with bemo we headed back to Arjosari, back to Surabaya...

Thanks to her book Lonely Planet Indonesia 2006 edition.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

pumpkin day

Out of th blue, my dad bought a big pumpkin in the wet market. He loves to buy loads of things from wet market. I agree in point like it is fresh from the field and can be much cheaper but hey, when n how will we finish them off. It wont be fresh again if it restored in the fridge for several days (with no proper wrapping).

Its size was about 3 -4 times the common pumpkin around here. Well, but tat's not it. A day before I was wondering where could I buy a pumpkin since I have bought this classical soup recipe! And I never tried a pumpkin soup ever, before! And there it was! Tada!!!
So the next day we had 3 dishes of pumpkin: the chinese with chicken, mine (western soup), and the javanese kolak desert!

My first attempt was pretty successful i guess, the pumpkin was so sweet! Put some milk to tender the taste, which was not in the recipe.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chinese Peranakan - rococco from the east?

I was so stunned when arriving to this Peranakan Mansion in Penang.
My first thought was "Wow...this is rococco from the east."
But I was wrong, totally wrong ^^

The impression of rococco is found in the full of ornamental decoration.
But it never all from the east. The designs are all blended.

In my own opinion and from what I ve read, there are alot of peranakan. Arab peranakan, Indian peranakan, Netherland peranakan and in the topic now is chinese peranakan. The word 'peranakan' itself for me means descendant. It obviously includes acculturation between the man's culture into the land that he landed and resided on.
So, for example my great grand dad, he married to a javanese lady, his ancestors are chinese peranakan, since my great grand dad was a chinese!

In this beautiful mixture there are always 2 cultures in the new culture. They physically look like chinese but they don't speak chinese instead, they speak malay and english of course. And they still have this altar for praying to the ancestors!

The peranakan mansion I visited, was belong to the wealthy man (there are some in Penang). No wonder that it has alot of antiques collection from Europe and China. Some furniture are can be classified as Peranakan itself. Why I said so? It is because they were made of order. The ornaments taken from many style, blend to the unknown one. Actually that what was the lady guide told us. I dont really study about art history in furniture. Some influence cannot be tracking down as lack of knowledge (sigh) --> ornament of Jepara furniture all are from Europe. None are original! Just found it out from my cousin who studies Interior design.

When I went to the kitchen part, as any other wealthy family, the kitchen is another building apart from the main house (we really can get lost easily there), so many familiar thingie inside it. Started from the thermal jug! We have it aloot in Indonesia, yet wes still use it! Lately I found out that it is become an antique n sold for about 30 SGD in Singapore Peranakan Museum. Dang....

the kitchen

the antique thermos I meant, this one is mine, a bit rotten but still useful

Back to Sg , I bought this drama series of Peranakan , the little nonya. It was in chinese with english subtitled ^^ I didnt get to visit the Singapore Peranakan Museum, but I will someday.

As my first awakening encounter, I did enjoy that visit. Felt like getting my root back, what was lost n never been officially n deliberately admitted by the country. Where "Warga Negara Indonesia Peranakan Tionghoa" is written n used instead of "non pribumi".

An Indonesian review about my trip to Penang can be found in here. Enjoy!

september 15, 2010

felt it so strong today, after yesterday and the day before yesterday.
Found myself so irritable and impatient!
Blame it to the speedy for its slow connection, until it needs days to download 1-2 movies, urgh....

Blame it to the long holiday , the lame holiday I m referring to. Wait, as a matter a fact, I did something. Me n my cousin went strolling around the souvenir & outfit stalls. I got a (again) batik simple bag.

I think I miss a digicam tat i can play with....
I have my bamboo pen tablet still in the wardrobe.....
Hard to play with it again.....

Monday, August 23, 2010

peasant food!

Inspite of the cool weather , another joy to live in my small town (cannot consider as a village since the other villagers come here to do business --> basic economy activities) is the food!
Ponorogo chicken satay! The peanut sauce ...mantaab
rice maize ...with salted fish, yummy
dishes from "Selametan" : yellow curry, noodle n fried sliced sweet potato
chicken soup! with sliced cabbage, veggie and potato perkedel!

all green.....

taken with HP camera (kamera HP nan bobrok)

It is totally an accident! :p
I m not a true lover of green. Randomly picked, n here u go! Got toiletries in the green bath room....

The other coincidence can be found in my stationery.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Cents & Sensibility

Another simple thing that I recognised to be different aftert being back here. I m the one who changed, not the things.

Coins! Many of time, whether in famous international standard supermarket or local ones, I always got candies for change! Years ago, I loathe this thing with saying like "Do u mind if I pay this thing with candies as well?" but I have never done that.
Yesterday I went to Hypermart, yes Hypermart at Supermall. Thought to buy some sanitary napkins, drinks and soyjoy fruit bar. I was pretty happy coz I found out those things in Hypermart, are cheaper than other places. For sanitary napkin I use, it was 25 Rupiah cheaper. Soyjoy , 400 rupiahs cheaper. Korean instant noodle 1000 rupiahs cheaper! I did rejoice. This also one thing I learn : price vary alot in places, let alone in cities. 200-400 rupiahs is quite alot for me! Sometimes 2000 rupiahs different , this one happen to Vaseline White's price! So, what I learn is not to be to lazy to check out the price. Gees...wasting times....

Back to Hypermart. I paid to the cashier, I shud have gotten 40.575 rupiahs. But the lady just gave me 40.500 rupiahs. I thougth that she wud hand me another candy again. But hey...nope..that's all... I wandered as I walked out. You bet, I thought, shud I ask her? But it is only 75 rupiah. The street singer or beggar even got 100 rupiahs at least. But that's bugging me alot!One million wouldnt be one million without 1 cent ! So after having my soyjoy and drink, messaging my friend, I headed again to Hypermart, I would walk through it anyway before to the car park.

I asked where the consumer complain, and the security guy pointed me the information center. No queue, of coz this is not ..... I explained to the lady that I didnt get my exchange. Funny that she thought it was 75 thousand rupiahs! After she checked my recipe, she took a 100 rupiah and gave it to me. I prolonged the chit chat as she did as well.
"Why I didnt get it?"
"Maybe they dont have it (100 coins)"
"How come? It is still in use in Indonesia rite? In Singapore (there I say it) I always got it even only for 1 cent."
"Yes, it is your right miss. It is still in use here, but we dont have it anymore from Bank Indonesia"
"Yes, they are trying to retreat all the coins. In the future the smallest note will be 1000 rupiahs"
"So, about the prices? If we buy 5.300 rupiahs, how much we need to pay it? 5.000 ?"
"Well..." --> I couldnt remember what she said, but definetly not answering my question.

And since, straight away, I dont think she was the rite person to be in dialog with, I cut out , didnt take the 100 coin, and said thank you and left.

Still thinking "What the hell..." with the idea of retreating all the coins.
If they want to neglect the coins, and then why make your price such in small small detail. This also happens in fastfood restaurants like McDonald, Kentucky, Pizza Hut, A & W and you name it .... Still .. "What the ..."

Kualitas barang merk ternama

after 1 year

Yeap! It's ESPRIT with usual price around 60+SGD

old and new (35.000 IDR only)

Pada bulan pertama, plat merk ternama -nya pudar, memerah, entah korosi atau bukan.
Minggu berikutnya, tak lama memang, plit pinggirannya mengelupas. Makin hari makin tak terselamatkan, terlebih di Indonesia, semut2 tega menggigit, makanan empuk pikiranya.