Monday, March 30, 2009


Earth hour vs Nyepi

Of coz me and Di definitely would not miss this event. For her whatever it deals with the polar bears as the vulnerable victim caused of global warming, she will be the fisrt in the line. Snow, another flatmate in yishun were joining also.
Me? I wanted to see how "romantic" it would be in this metropolitan city country when its light switched off.

What a surprise. It was not as good as the yahoo reports about that earth hour day. So, i share what it was not written in yahoo.
Apparently we were seated in the park facing exactly the (strucked & recovered) Merlion does. Between the Esplanade at our leftside and Fullerton at our right side. Esplanade only switched off the half durian. The future casino constructions (4-6 buildings if i m not mistaken)still had its megawatt lights. And some buildings still had their lights off. What a mess! It is not "romantic" at all! Ga kompak bener! I dont know whether it is for security matter or others.

Behind us the people with candle lights still amoung all the light the road and some buildings...singing and playing. The band on the stage still with electricity of the soundsystem.

Three of us enjoying our snacks during that 1 hour. For your information Di is indonesian, as i am, Snow is Myanmarese, so we also practising our english which were becoming singlish unrealized and totally unwanted! Damn...

As it wasn't going as i thought for a SWITCHING OFF hour so i may say it is not (yet) successfull. Maybe those people had fun on their own. But what was the contribution given for the earth itself? It cut their bills, maybe. But how much money spent by the comittee for the campaign, how much the residu caused of the candle lights? Is it worth it? I dont think so.

Take a look of Nyepi in Bali.
It really does make big contributions for the earth. Not just 60 minutes, but 24 hours, they switch off all lights, including candles. I m not presenting in numbers and those analytical things. But my Balinese friends are the witnesses. No lights means no lights. Big hugs for Balinese and those who participates !!Though we know some don't do it. But no problem! One island has saved the energy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I love minimalist design, in everything.
Wedding gown, casual smart outfit, visual design.

But...i realise it, cannot successfully make one design that is stunning yet simple! I couldn't apply that "Less is more". It always seems much like a scrap if i do that. In the other hand the more i put many elements the more i looked nouveau really the best choice...

mee lan: how come....pffff...

Vhat is thisss?

This picture should have been sent to my mom, she would have been very proud.

It is not like what u think. It was a warehouse sale. Initially i have no idea what things need to buy. What made me allergic going into such body/face treatment is they have so many items, so many brands!!! Which one i shud put on, pour on, blaaaah. So ribet!

But my flatmate who was a nerd and never touch this brand especially while she was in jakarta, told me that she bought this and that. This product is for this and that. So i tried the 2 items first on the promotion event (if they held a promotion, u bet, they really save ur wallet!).

Try it on and i become addicted to use this natural (campaigned, if they really control the QC and not using china made material!) products. My flatmate shud have been a brand ambassador anyway.
None of the philosophy against my conscience. Only one thing i dont like is the visual design of them since they're taken over by another major company, it was many years ago.

to Supre: hehehe, gue lbh dahysat skrg jadi cewek nya

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Seputar cuaca

24 feb 09
That evening on my bus to MRT jurong east, i saw that rainbow.
It's been years never saw a rainbow and this one is so obvious, and beautiful :)
Yet it reminds me to Noah's and the new beginning.

Afterward I found that that rainbow quite attracted most of Singaporean. The daily free newspaper report it as unusual thing and wrote about good things may happen on Spore (and everyone say amen). My fellaw in caregroup took the picture whilst he was offshore, so damn pretty man! We can see its both edges. Too bad, I havent met him eversince he showed that pic, so i uploaded these ones. Got from CCIS fellaw.

One taken by anonymous at Woodland. It was a double rainbow man!

Taken by her from her kitchen.

28 Feb 09 Merlion struck by lightning.

Sabtu itu emang hujan lebat, dan bunyi halilintar di mana2, udah biasa :D
Sayang aku ga sempet liat Merlion under construction, kata denni sih lucu Merlion-nya dikurungi.
Bagiku lbh lucu lagi, krn selama 36 th ini tanpa penangkal petir ga perna disambar, br skrg aja disambar. Udah gitu menurut legenda Merlion ini makhluk laut yg jaga singapura dr badai malah kenak samber. Kt 1 tmen mgkn krn dia ga disenengi, makae disamber.
Enjoy the image below, taken from

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lagi Harimau Mati

It is so sad to read (again) this kinda article Lagi Harimau Mati

Week ago my fren put his status in FB that they will go hunting in Riau.
Killing a tiger, would be a priceless fun entertainment for them. But please....
These wild creatures never harm you if they aren't being harmed.

A male lion can sit peacfully besides you after his lunch, just as long as he is not hungry. But mostly human being, kill living being just for fun. Hunting is for sport they said, not for food. Well can't ya just do seek and hide in a modern way ha, laser quest lah or cleaning your kampong? For me that is so terrible.

See...this beautiful creature...