Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Hainan chicken rice

It's kinda [simple] food that woman [hard]workers from Hainan used to cook. My fave dish ever, especially when I was in Singapore, and cheap, u can have it on 2 S$ only [average food price range on 3.5 S$ above] and still taste good.

It is so easy to prepare! I m not being smug but all the basic ingridients: ginger, garlic and chicken stock are just here!
But what I m gonna to say here is not HOW to make it, you can get DIY in youtube. It is about the all years gone not trying to make it after 1 incident. Let me start the story. So, one day I found a pack of instant spice at the shelf. I didn't know who bought it and didn't want to waste it either. So I tried to cook based on the ENGLISH instruction using rice cooker. It ended to a disaster. I couldn't find a name to what the rice came out. Sigh....
Ever since I was so afraid to cook even only using INSTANT paste recipe!
Years after, when I was craving I tried to make one, good thing now the instruction is in 2 language :D though now I don't have the difficulty to read english as I had back then.
And tada! So easy, just need to put some soy sauce =D now I m ready to try the from scratch recipe!
Thanks to youtube, my good instructor ever! :P

hainan chicken rice , 2010 at PTC, 15K idr

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