Friday, January 06, 2012

Engagement in Peranakan Chinese Hakka

Speaking of engagement, for a peranakan chinese like me, it is like a wedding. As I can recall, though red is the norm of happy celebration, but the bride isn't supposed to wear the color yet. Coz it is an engagement, not a wedding yet!

Still the bride is the highlight :)

Basically the ceremony will be filled with exchange baskets of gifts from two sides. This exchange is symbolic, which i forgot what it is, that a javanese photograoher ever explained to me once i used to work in wedding photograpgy business..!!!!!
Each basket of gifts also symbolize something. Lol!

For Illustration Friday : highlight 

So each party will meet outside the house [or room if it's taken at hotel] and singles from groom's party will give the baskets of gift in a row, received by singles from bride's party. At the end of it the groom goes inside to meet the bride. And...well...while feasting time, the mingles and introduction take place.


Ftz said...

I always thought that no one really knows the 'proper' engagement ceremony anymore.
Especially with ignorant younger generations like us XD.

Pre said...

ritualnya mirip kek org jawa, ya. pake tuker2an barang :) btw, my blog's updated. please have a visit :D

Carla Ardian said...

aku kehilangan link blognya pre gara2 ganti layout. huhuuuu....

ntar aku pake tradisi apa ya kalo tunangan? hmm..