Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The greatest miracle

Seorang anak punya bapak yg kaya abis. Suatu hari si anak mo pergi keluar, bapaknya langsung bilang,
"Tuh pake ferrari yang item"
"Wah! Thank u papa!"
Di kemudian hari si anak mo keluar lagi, dia berpikir, "Aduh aku pengen naek Kijang Inova nih, gimana ya? Apa papa akan mengijinkan ya?"

What do u think?

Ya pastilah papanya mengijinkan! Come on man! (begitu kata sonny waktu sharing cerita ini, lucu sekali gaya bicara nya)

So, come on! u have received the greatest miracle! Ga mungkin hal2 kecil ga dikasik!

Friday, November 25, 2005

It's like a second chance

It's like a second chance.

Last evening, last minutes, i dared myself to have a chat with another creative director in my floor. We asked each other and you know what...as usual he asked "Why u take an intern? What do u get?" and i answered. He said i am to quiet, i should make myself heard. Honestly i don't understand so asked again
"By giving out ur ideas in the project, though it will sounds silly."
I thought in my mind...ok...it's too late and i don't want to blame myself or anyone for all the process i ve been through. Not many projects i got involve in.
And he told me when my friend got intern there, he involved him in almost all stage, from brainstorm till presentation to the client.
"Waoo..." i said
He said "You can join or ask to one of my team."
i said "Don't make my starting to cry.."
"Cry if u want" (we spoke in bahasa jawa u know, so it's informal condition:))
"Tomorrow is my last day.."
"u can prolonge if u want, though u ve already graduated"
"What should i say to the HRD? the letter (surat keterangan bukan surat referensi sama sekali!, red) has aready been made.."

"So tell the HRD that i want you to extend ur intern."
"For how long?"
"Up to you. You ve already been here."

So this morning i went to HRD and said bout it.

God...You are unpredictable, like to surprise.