Tuesday, October 12, 2010

pumpkin day

Out of th blue, my dad bought a big pumpkin in the wet market. He loves to buy loads of things from wet market. I agree in point like it is fresh from the field and can be much cheaper but hey, when n how will we finish them off. It wont be fresh again if it restored in the fridge for several days (with no proper wrapping).

Its size was about 3 -4 times the common pumpkin around here. Well, but tat's not it. A day before I was wondering where could I buy a pumpkin since I have bought this classical soup recipe! And I never tried a pumpkin soup ever, before! And there it was! Tada!!!
So the next day we had 3 dishes of pumpkin: the chinese with chicken, mine (western soup), and the javanese kolak desert!

My first attempt was pretty successful i guess, the pumpkin was so sweet! Put some milk to tender the taste, which was not in the recipe.


Carla Ardian said...

put crunchy bacon on top, it would taste sooo good.

pyor said...

Yes, ma'am! Tq!
But first , have to buy it when I m in Surabaya, lol :p kulakan dulu hahaha

sweetpea said...

seems deliciouss!!