Saturday, November 27, 2010

my fave pork sausage

After almost than a year, finally we can find it back in the market.

It was being banned because a case, my sis told me,of some ignorant people mixed it into halal food for their own comrade or they just forgot to picked out the halal logo from their company. But it was never this brand's fault, it's written "PORK" boldly and been in the country since 1980s.

As a result people like me n my family, had to suffer months not having it. We usually cook it for simple soup with carrot and beans!

My sista n mum had to go to one and another sausage brand to substitute it. It wasn't a pleasure to do so. Some brands tasted like rubber or plastic.

But the rest was a history now ^^ Not hoping it may happen again in the future, as well >:(

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