Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vhat is thisss?

This picture should have been sent to my mom, she would have been very proud.

It is not like what u think. It was a warehouse sale. Initially i have no idea what things need to buy. What made me allergic going into such body/face treatment is they have so many items, so many brands!!! Which one i shud put on, pour on, blaaaah. So ribet!

But my flatmate who was a nerd and never touch this brand especially while she was in jakarta, told me that she bought this and that. This product is for this and that. So i tried the 2 items first on the promotion event (if they held a promotion, u bet, they really save ur wallet!).

Try it on and i become addicted to use this natural (campaigned, if they really control the QC and not using china made material!) products. My flatmate shud have been a brand ambassador anyway.
None of the philosophy against my conscience. Only one thing i dont like is the visual design of them since they're taken over by another major company, it was many years ago.

to Supre: hehehe, gue lbh dahysat skrg jadi cewek nya

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Anonymous said...

wah! am proud of you hihihih