Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Seputar cuaca

24 feb 09
That evening on my bus to MRT jurong east, i saw that rainbow.
It's been years never saw a rainbow and this one is so obvious, and beautiful :)
Yet it reminds me to Noah's and the new beginning.

Afterward I found that that rainbow quite attracted most of Singaporean. The daily free newspaper report it as unusual thing and wrote about good things may happen on Spore (and everyone say amen). My fellaw in caregroup took the picture whilst he was offshore, so damn pretty man! We can see its both edges. Too bad, I havent met him eversince he showed that pic, so i uploaded these ones. Got from CCIS fellaw.

One taken by anonymous at Woodland. It was a double rainbow man!

Taken by her from her kitchen.

28 Feb 09 Merlion struck by lightning.

Sabtu itu emang hujan lebat, dan bunyi halilintar di mana2, udah biasa :D
Sayang aku ga sempet liat Merlion under construction, kata denni sih lucu Merlion-nya dikurungi.
Bagiku lbh lucu lagi, krn selama 36 th ini tanpa penangkal petir ga perna disambar, br skrg aja disambar. Udah gitu menurut legenda Merlion ini makhluk laut yg jaga singapura dr badai malah kenak samber. Kt 1 tmen mgkn krn dia ga disenengi, makae disamber.
Enjoy the image below, taken from

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