Friday, November 25, 2005

It's like a second chance

It's like a second chance.

Last evening, last minutes, i dared myself to have a chat with another creative director in my floor. We asked each other and you know usual he asked "Why u take an intern? What do u get?" and i answered. He said i am to quiet, i should make myself heard. Honestly i don't understand so asked again
"By giving out ur ideas in the project, though it will sounds silly."
I thought in my's too late and i don't want to blame myself or anyone for all the process i ve been through. Not many projects i got involve in.
And he told me when my friend got intern there, he involved him in almost all stage, from brainstorm till presentation to the client.
"Waoo..." i said
He said "You can join or ask to one of my team."
i said "Don't make my starting to cry.."
"Cry if u want" (we spoke in bahasa jawa u know, so it's informal condition:))
"Tomorrow is my last day.."
"u can prolonge if u want, though u ve already graduated"
"What should i say to the HRD? the letter (surat keterangan bukan surat referensi sama sekali!, red) has aready been made.."

"So tell the HRD that i want you to extend ur intern."
"For how long?"
"Up to you. You ve already been here."

So this morning i went to HRD and said bout it.

God...You are unpredictable, like to surprise.


denni said...

That's right girl. You live in a world full of competition. Nobody will present chances to you in gold plates. You must make your own chance and get it ASAP. That's if you want to survive.

I'm trying to make my own chance too. Let's try harder!!

yenny said...

Hoii! dendeng!

thanks for the courage, but still have to back to my calling. jika mau main agresif dan kasar tidak masalah tapi bukan itu tujuannya