Friday, September 16, 2011

Pasar Bunga Kayoon

The last time I went there was like 11 yrs ago, to buy some fish for our classroom decoration.

It started when our dearly cousin going to have her graduation ceremony. "Ce, jok lupa ya buket bungae " (Sister, don't forget to bring me a hand bouquet of flower (too)) . What a lovely request. I never had one to give. And couple of weeks ago she bought a bouquet of red roses for her mom's birthday. So I would find one easily in Kayoon. At least I thought so.

The first two things I faced to decide is :
1. Do you want a local rose or imported rose.
The imported roses are almost 7 times more expensive. Yet you have to wait like 3-5 days to get it.

2. What kind of flowers you wanna put in together.
It leads me to , okay, what kinda color I wanna have. I know "less is more" , and my cousin will like it, the less color u have the more elegant it can be :) Most of the merchants have a cheesy kinda taste, the more the merrier they think. So, they don't really helpful in picking what flower would be, it is your calling!

We strolled from side to side, front to back. Just to get the reasonable price with lovelier flower. So....I decided to make 2 bouquets rather than 1 huge bouquet.

What I hate about market is, some merchant took time before they spoke out the price. Obviously they  read you first. If that's the case, usually I wouldn't buy their product. They were hiding something. I don't wanna be a fool victim just because I don't know the price and it was just an occasion.The last shop we made a deal, was pretty nice. Nice owner, he knows what he does n he loves his job.

I m so proud of my choices ^^ Yet  with Surabaya's climate, these flowers only lasted like hours...I did try to put on the aircon and some water to prevent them...buhuuu. Then I know why though these natural flowers not as expensive as I thought, people tend to choose plastic ones.

I love this is one of Gerbaras
White n peach roses with violet accentuation n blue wrap! Color of her faculty :)

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Carla Ardian said...

You should put fresh flowers in a little pot with water then store them in the fridge until ready to use. :)