Friday, August 12, 2011

fasting month & santa claus

In this fasting month,the boss (who isnt a moslem) held the event of giving out rice boxes to the kaum dhuafa, for instance the street children on traffic lights!
I gotta help her since she is busy running her errands here and there. I bet the rice boxes were a lot.

Suddenly I feel like a santa claus. Giving away the blessings whenever we caught by the red light. I feel so WRONG by doing this. Because I am all for the law that forbids to give to the beggars & street children. There is a legal law for it! And I m all for it! Come on, in this abundant country there a lot more important things than begging around unless u r disabled person! Unless the government has ratified (again) this law!

Doing it on fasting month for some brothers n sisters may seem a good deed. It is no different in other occasion, for example Chinese new year and Christmas. They use it for an excuse to do good deeds.

What I m trying to say is:
- good deeds without a wisdom can make u a hypocrite and failure of long term disciplinarian.
- if u really wanna do good deed why wait till special occasion?

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