Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I watched this movie twice. Means that I like it. Not to say that this movie got 4 thumbs up like Finding Nemo, UP!, Wall-E, Spirited Away have.

It brings my childhood imagination back :) And the horror just a children horror, no effect for me as if I watch it in my early age.

Love the scenes below.
Hmm not sure that I can just upload on my blog.... Can I?

Courtesy of Laika Entertainment, 2009.


Carla said...

people upload things that don't belong to them on their blogs. i suppose when it's not sensitive, you can do that. but better do it ethically. when you post pictures, include it is courtesy of what company/what website. and if you want to bother more, email them that you use their properties on your blog.

i normally only do the first one. but then again i do not post photos that don't belong to me very often on my blog.

pyor said...

Thanks La for the enlightment! :)

val said...

hayooo.. kapok koen diseneni :D