Monday, September 07, 2009

another thing from the past

Attending my best friends' holy matrimony was an event that had been long awaited.
We were all so happy for them. THeir love story has been a such inspirational for me. Especially in this life, in a country and culture that call their self a religious country BUT make things difficult for a couple with different faith to get married!

So, it was really a love celebration, in the purest form for me. They overcame all the challenges that vary! And finally, they made it :)

While me & my friend enjoying the moment, seeing them after all the procession (yes we were so late, we went in just about they were finish), my eyes recognizing a shape. I was overwhelmed to shock!
It cant be her! What is she doing here?
What is she doing there??
The groom looks like know her well???
What .... what....

Later on, i asked the groom. Yap it was HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some one from the past that hard to explain, but has put a mark in the life.

Who is she? Why do you have to be so shock? is so funny, i remember that i never tell anyone bout her. I consider that it was me not her, the problem, n i moved on. I thought so.

She was one of the famous creative directors in Indonesia. Had a looong of list in award winning,yet she held chief positions in advertising agencies. Respective jury. Decades of experiences.

The dark part was, i worked with her but i felt a hindrance approaching her in a nice way. Till now i conclude it as a "chemistry", i didnt have it dealing with her. New experience for me working with a person like her. Many other intern girls (even colleague) had the same feeling with me, it was just me think it profoundly, thinking that what was wrong with me (BAD habit). She even ever scolded me for not being impressive enough (for her), since i was the enthusiasm one to get in the intern.
I was doing fine with the other senior art directors and copywriters in the team. Her, only her in the company....

The positive things i got while working with her are:
I learn her systematic thinking in brainstorming. Brainstorming could be so frustrating. But she, as a creative director from copywriter background, made it systematical.

I learn about a personalized advertising print. She told me about it while making a print ad (iklan cetak). It was like hell while making it. I should catch the brand's personality, brand's guidlines, etc. If u cover the logo of a print ad, can the audience recognize ur ad? It is a good thing to think, i think, though it should prevent you to explore the artwork (layout i m talking here).
It helped me to produce a right style of an artwork when i work for a client.

She asked me to put make up & dress up. Turned out i bought some bodyshop eye shadow & skirt. Stupid! Yup i crushed alot when the time of catching metromini with skirt and 3 cm heel (only). But the moral is, try to think out of the box. She told me i was too strict. I was more to a lawyer than a creative worker. I never heard that especially in the university. Later on i got an email from another sr art director about being more creative, & expounding your habit of creativity.

It is just funny. After these years (4 yr) i just find out that she is one of my best friend's funny.

Many other things in life is just like that also. There were times that this person is that relative. This logo is belong to that person and there always be a story behind a person.
I take it this way. It is all in HIS mighty hand. All things in my life. He can make me to meet a person for a reason, and for my own good. The world is in HIS hand.

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