Tuesday, May 19, 2009

happy ending

Regarding to previous post I really got the happy ending. Let us make it settled (who is us here? mac users lah!) At least i got what i want and still have good thing after all of this turbulence.

As the second guy in apple careline suggested so here is the cronologist of the procedure:
- Bring to apple authorised service center. Means pay 74.90 S$ non refundable fee (just to state that my HD dead n i need to replace the new one! without you i can figure it out myself! Excellent job!)
- Call the apple careline and mention your case/reference number. Ask them to connect you to the customer relation
- Ask them for any dispensation.

Yep. After the trembling voice, all the dissapointment speech, holding the call, waiting, waiting. In that very same line they agreed to replace my dead HD with the new one for free. But I needed to pay the labour fee, for other apple care buyers' sense of justice. (I gave up the argumentation in this area, really, u need to prepare all ur goals - you are the lawyer in the court!)

- 100 S$ for labour fee
- all the data inside the old dead HD is belong to apple
- time, patience in each calling hold and calling goin on

I thank to mac user in indo, zZet, and Sproean fellaw who helped me checking my HD (it is the rubbish seagate!)n him, as usual, still concern to give me place to complain.

This macbook generation really has many flaws, compare to its previous generation, iBook with G4 processor. Check this for your information.


Anonymous said...

mine also broke down at its first year. tralallalalaa....cost me a lot. a lot..

pyor said...

Yeah...another case from a friend...her ipod touch dropped dead just after out of warranty. Apple jakarta asked her 200 USD for exchanging. That is utterly ridiculous!
N just now her ipod dropped dead suddenly, cannot be recharged...what else....the HD.

Man..the apple product is not a premium of quality...ironic