Tuesday, April 07, 2009

from biyan to davy linggar

Started with a chat in fashion and clothing with my fellaw. She showed me korean n japanese fashion. Weew...ga doyan!

Browsing the bohemian webs. Got to know the history and so on.
Then....biyan...this name was still in my mind.

It was dissapointing to surf in the motion web like that. But then i felt the enjoyment! No wonder if the photographer was Davy Linggar .
For me his art works are so absurd!!!!!!! YET so beautiful!!!!!! I mean i can feel it through the ambience!

If u gave me any images, dunno why, it is easy to guess that it must be his.
His fashion photography is as absurd as he is. Because it is his.
Hmm i miss that fashion or bridal magazine i used to browse in Portrait :p

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