Thursday, February 26, 2009

How he warms my heart

When I m thinking about this, how I realize that it is him who always initiates first.

Unsighted lady
It was cloudy & sometimes drizzling. I didn't have any idea where to go after about 3 weeks or more waiting for a job interview.

I was quite feeling lame, maybe for many days i didnt talk with any human being. I was walking back to the mall after buying the top up. I opened my umbrella for I need to cross the road.

From afar I could see an unsighted mid aged lady with a younger lady holding her arms. By the time I was exactly beside them, the younger lady ask me politely (& clearly, ga ada basa basi)that they could cross the road with me for I am having my umbrella.

After we reached the mall, and there was stepping ground there, I asked her to be careful whether she was familiar with that place or not. The unsighted lady told me yes she was familiar with that place. And with grateful voice and smile she said thank you miss.

I was the one who thank her actually. I didn't do anything. I was just crossing the street and they wanted to walk with me. Without her help, I would still feeling lame & unconscious about human being.

Waiting uncle
It was a second interview in the same company, same place, at Punggol. So ujung dunia. I took much earlier to get arrive there. Coz in the first time came, i couldn't find the shuttle bus. So I was curious to know where and what kind of the shuttle bus is. I was walking around and around. Where the shuttle bus is going to take the stop? No signage, Zapy told me that it should be in the taxi stand.

Whilst i was walking around, an uncle seemed to have something to say to me. I didn't too much bother, was busy to find out where the shtl bus stop is and thinking bout my interview later lah. Then, he spoke in chinese with me with his eyes on my phone. I was a little bit frightened at first. Was he wanting something from me? What did he want then?

As usual, right away i said: i don't speak chinese, and hoping that he would stop or went away. But he didn't give up. He kept saying, mostly in chinese. Later i got it! He needed to make a call using my mobile and he would pay amount of money, coins, which i didn't to bother bout it, u can use my balance as much as u want, i got plenty at that time.

He pressed the number, I dialed it and handed to him.
Later on we had a little chat. His english wasn't that bad at all! It just he wasn't confidence or comfortable with it. Me either, when i tried to speak in chinese, he didn't get it. I know, i know, something wrong with the tone...i know...
After quite along while, 20 minutes perhaps, a car pulled over, it was his daughter. Cold expression. Didn't she wonder how long her dad had been waiting for her....never mind, they met up already.

Yeah, hey....If he had given up to communicate with me maybe i wouldn't have payed attention at all.


val said...

wewww.. menyentuh sekali ceritane, pas banget ama ilustrasi gambare...

milka said...

and your post warmed my heart, yen

petite smurf said...

iya,mmg kadang2 orang yg g qta sangka/underestimate malah org2 itu yg bisa 'menyentuh' hati qta

pyor said...

@ SUval: wah makasi lo mas

@ Milka & Petite: waaa long time no see u gals!