Saturday, September 20, 2008


i sent him a sms right away when i was thinking bout a dialogue with him.
"Gee! Akhire aku punya kesempatan 'ngejual' smua yg kupunya n mbambong out of indo! Sounds familiar to u years ago?"
"Indeed" he replied...:)

It s been along time never talked to him so it was an abrupt sms actually.
After the batam trip, after weeks down in the valley, after "by the river piedra i sat down & cry" moment
After i learned a lesson about him
It's popped up!
"What stops you?"
My excitements are beyond my worries. (chloe: i m in charge now; mee lan: thank you mate)

Contacting and receiving again my friend's invitation 2 months ago which was i had turned it down coz of NZ.
Met up with another inspiring person who said "Dont believe what u hear".
Proposing my parents for a sponshorship when it will be needed just in case. After long days waiting coz my eldest sister's big day. (this is the biggest challenge for me, though i could convince myself even if i wouldnt get it i would still depart- "Sounds like final" she said)



And above all, he wants me to step forward, not afraid making a mistake

This sept 20th, after 11 years(ga nyangka!ga perna ngerencanain), i will be stepping back on changi

mee lan: pre yg 'maksa' nulis, since i'd like to be unnoticed, but she said bout the importance. arigatou pre chan:D

sep 12 08


Pre said...

sebetulnya nggak hrs kmu yg sebarin britanya, byor. aku dg senang hati mau jd pnyebar gosip n mmbuat kehebohan di tgh arek2 kok, hiahaihiha.. mksude, aku nunggu kmu ngasih mandat untuk bikin keributan :))

buuuhh.. batal jd trouble maker deh -.-;

eniweys, good luck ya byor ;) im sure im gonna miss u :D

yenny said...

arigatou pre chan:>