Monday, June 02, 2008

थिंक & thought

Seminggu kemaren ngapain aja yah?

Banyak yg let's move on again.

I made a new blog (after regarding that 1 media isn't enough), yes....
i ve been thinking that human is like a diamond, has many sides. My opinion about A is gonna be different with her/his opinion, though we are in one circumtances.
It is never an objective opinion, never.

Me, myself wont be that surprise (anymore) if someone told me "What? U r a melancholic???" Since my natural response to them(who are usually melan n phlegma)are triggering, annoying them an getting them loud, typically a sanguin rather than a melancholic. Jadi, yah,..memang mns itu bereaksi lebih krn lingkungannya drpd faktor di dlmnya.

One of the most hilarious case is Chris, my teacher at ialf. She reviewed me in her FIRST sentence : you are a real writer.
Till now, i laugh out loud, though i APPRICIATE it very much. Can u imagine, i m very clumsy with words. i need time to translate my visual thoughts into words. i always miss that world will talk visually not verbally. How i hate to use words, but i love reading, hate talkative writers who use millions of words only to say 1 main idea! Pemborosan banget. huh. Dan penderitaanku magang di bawah Creative Director yg berbasis Copywriter, aduuuuwwwwwwwh....Tapi memang kok, bahasa verbal membuat kita berpikir sistematis walaupun kesannya "Uh! BErisik!"

Yah, jd jgn cepat nge judge org lah. Tiap orang itu sangat unik. Kenapa dia bereaksi spt itu banyak faktor pemicunya.
What a life...

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