Monday, January 29, 2007

First meeting in 07

Rabo, 3 jan 07
First meeting in 07 at 8 am!
Kd made kinda speech in formal bahasa. I m glad when he said he loves this job, this bussiness. He has still a long dream for portrait. He also thanked to everyone especially some names. And so on.
In that sentence i learn what this sentence means: Life is full of compromises. Indeed i think.

In the other hand he is so idealist n full of spirit, our taste quite alike, western one. But the other side, so plin plan! Gampang dibelokkan angin. Isa mendengar org laen tp kebablasan, gosh.... Asal ga maen diktator kupikir kita isa get along n working 2gether.
Ritong tuh plg pusing. Dia bener2 rite person in rite place. Selain tanggung jawab dia ceria n lumayan easy going. Kalo aku di posisi dia uda resign sejak 2 bulan pertama. Masio gitu bukan brarti dia ga perna mengeluh, tp salut aku ma dia.

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